Tomorrow, I am back to school, and while it’ll be good to see everyone again, it is a bit of a reality check after the soft-focus sparkly-lit Christmas holiday. I am not a big fan of January. At one time I cheered myself up by heading for my birthday in March, but I am rather a way past the age of welcoming birthdays, especially since this next one is a ‘biggy’! Any how, I figured that some of you will also be returning to the grind of normal life tomorrow and may need some cuteness to help get you through. So here are some super-cute pets. I love the goofy dog. If my Jake had floppy ears he would look very much like this when he runs. The sausage dog is for my ‘sister-in-law’, Deborah, as she loves and wants one. I want one too as they are so gorgeous, but we already have a menagerie! All the best for the early start tomorrow, and remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Happy January! 


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