…And breathe!


Well, it’s been and gone….. again. All that preparing, but we love it don’t we? Yes, we do! I had a really good time, with my family. My children, who are turning into adults, and my parents, who are turning back into children. Oh dear! Anyway, on with the craft. Now, I haven’t given up with the hexagons, but I saw a pattern on Attic24 that I just had to start. It is the Japanese flower scarf and it looks so….. me, that I have to have it. So I went to hobbycraft and chose some gorgeous colours and started it! Just like that. Well, I did alter the pattern a little, so it was more of a ‘like that? No, like this’. Anyway, it is very much underway and so far I have made 9 flowers and they hook up very easily. That is also because I have bought myself a ,,,,,,,, wait for it, must get this right, Clover Soft Touch Ergonomic Crochet Hook!!! I know, impressive or what! It is lovely to use, so much easier on the hands than the basic metal hooks. I discovered a few weeks ago that my sort-of mother-in-law, Pauline, is a crocheter too, so I will get one for her I think as I am converted and must spread the word ! How carried away do I get sometimes? Answers on a postcard.


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