In the genes?


Hello, hopefully some of will be able to squeeze in a bit of blog-reading amongst the shopping/wrapping/ Christmas cleaning (why do we do that?). I thought that today, even though it’s a tad embarrassing, I would show you a bit of my Mum’s handiwork. Obviously she made me (!), but here I am, far left in the photo, dressed in a vision of knitted twinsetness- circa 1974 ish! This type of yarn with several shades within one ball was ground-breaking in the knitting world, so I had to be her model and wear this sleeveless top with matching cardigan combo. I don’t remember objecting, so I either liked it, or I was to scared to say otherwise- not sure which TBH. My companions are my cousin Lerverne (right) and her cousin Debbie Lewis in the middle. Debbie was a bit older than us so we thought she was amazing and she is probably wearing something very fashionable. Lerverne is a bit younger, but as I was soooo tiny for my age they both look older, and I am doing my “don’t take a photo of me pleeeaaase” hunched shoulders thing, as I was very shy then, certainly not the case now! Anyway, Mum was a fantastic knitter and made me so many things, including all of my school cardis, and some beautiful things really, and some gorgeous clothes for my children when they came along. She taught me to knit when I was about 23 and she was so patient when I made (lots of) mistakes. Unfortunately Mum gave up knitting a few years ago now, she just lost interest and it got confusing for her, but I guess she passed on some of her skill, although I will never be as good as she was. 


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