Make this!


I finally managed to have a go at making this yesterday with one of my girls at school. And it’s really good! I can’t show you the one that we made as Beth wanted to take it home and I forgot to take a picture. We made it in plain card as we’re a bit limited for fancy bits and bobs and pretty paper at school (cutbacks, etc!), but Beth thought that she would add some sequins and stuff and generally give it a sparkly makeover at home. Anyway, it’s a great little decoration to make with the kids (or just yourself). I’m going to keep my cards from this Christmas to make some of these for next year. Wonderful therapy!

Talking of therapy, term is over (yay!) and I now have a few weeks in which to indulge in crafts, crafts, and more crafts. Obviously Christmas will happen at some point in the middle of it all but I won’t let a little thing like that distract me. I have found stacks of patterns and activities on Pinterest that I want to try, and frankly it’s looking like (very) early retirement is the only answer……. what’s that Richard? Oh, okay, er…….. maybe not then. The thing is, I spend so much time collecting ‘pins’ of crafts that it seriously decreases the amount of time that I actually spend DOING them. Ahhhhh, it’s a hard life for craftsters!


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