One present made….. quite a few more to go!


Today I made this necklace from the bits that I got from The Range last week. The pendant and purple beads are called Midnight Garden, and I am really hoping that the person I made it for likes it, a lot! Making jewellery is fairly easy, just very fiddly and wrecks your nails in the process! I threaded the pendant and beads, with some added black glass beads onto nylon thread, then knotted the ends as close the beads as possible and squeezed on some clamps with loops. I then attached a length of pewter coloured chain at each end, checking the required length of the finished necklace first. To finish off I popped on a bar and loop clasp as they are so easy to do up and undo. It is essential to have some fine round-nosed pliers, and some small wire cutters if you want to start making jewellery. But apart from that no other equipment is essential, Then you can either go go to your local craft shop and drool over the beads, or pick-up (recycle) some old ones at boot sales and re-thread them. I use a bit of both. Give it a go, it’s the only way to guarantee that no-one else will be wearing the same jewellery as you, plus you can make a set for each outfit for loads cheaper than you could buy ready made. 


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