Let the countdown begin!


Of course, I mean the countdown to the end of term, not Christmas! It’s not good is it to be wishing your life away in 6/7 week chunks! To be honest I am not sure how would cope now without the structure of terms, and fifty five minute lessons with bells telling me when to change activity, eat, drink tea, etc. And thinking “another twenty minutes and this annoying boy will move on to another room, yay!…….. Oh hell, it’s a double lesson!”. Now, I know how negative that all sounds, but I really do enjoy my job, it’s just that it’s so flipping tiring! There is no way I can do this until I am sixty seven years old (thanks Davecam). The best I can hope for is early onset madness so that I really just don’t give one! Talking of which, Mum and Dad came over yesterday, here is the latest ‘Mum quote’: Dad: “what about that man, they cured him with that sex drug didn’t they, what is it ?”, Mum: “oh yes, Niagra”. Classic! 


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