Saturday at last! of course, the lie-in didn’t happen as I was wide awake at 7.30 am………… terrific! So already today we have had a Morrisons breakfast, been into town and bought nice things etc, sorted the washing, very productive. In WH Smiths I bought the Christmas edition of Quick Cards Made Easy– I was tempted by the free gift of an embossing set, which is a Christmas tree embossing pad and a couple of nice piecesof vellum. Hopefully it will be full of inspirational ideas. Then I went to The Button Draw, which is our fab haberdashers shop, and bought some yarn in two different shades of purple for a ruffle scarf that a customer has ordered, and some King Cole Krystal yarn. Thats the fancy stuff that pulls out into a pretty lacey scarf. I thought that it was a really good price at £6.95, as i have seen similar yarns of this type at £10. It is gorgeous colours, obviously when it is finished I will do a ‘show and tell’ on here!

On to the picture, here is the scallop scarf that I crocheted. I like it, although it is quite short. The pattern is fairly easy to follow, you can find it here  for free. All in all, I prefer making the ruffle scarf though. You can make it any length and I guess I am used to the pattern now. I have made six of them after all (and have two more on the go)! Have a good day folks.


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