BIG shop!


Well, no blogs this weekend, just too busy. On Saturday Lisa and I headed to Cheltenham and brought New Look! that’s how it felt anyway. Of course, Lisa was considerably more loaded up with bags than I was……. something to do with the fact that I was paying I think. Anyway, we had a good day. On Saturday evening I looked after the three little poppets that I babysit for, so earned some of my money back (a drop in the ocean, but never mind, every little helps and all that). On Sunday my dishwasher finally died. It had been dying for a few days now and we just kept putting it back on, each time with a bit more stuff in it, in the hope that it would suddenly remember how to work. No luck, so out it all came. One ginormous washing-up session later, Richard and I were heading for Currys. If we could have put a flashing blue light on the car we would have done, such was the emergency! The rest of the day was spent plumbing in the new machine (Richard), getting uniform and lunch boxes sorted (me), eating a KFC (whole gang) and doing homework (the boys). I managed to start the flower cushion and it is coming along well….. and quite quickly, but I am having card-making withdrawal symptoms (although Rich seems to have designated the conservatory into a bicycle repair shop, so getting to my cupboard will be a bit tricky). Oh, and I have decided that life is definitely on the up……. I noticed that they are opening a Hobbycraft just a ten minute drive away……. YES!!!!!!!!!!!


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