Life Savers


Forty three years ago I developed a potentially fatal kidney disorder called Nephrotic Syndrome. Luckily it was diagnosed and treated successfully by the wonderful peaediatrician, Mr Richard White and his team at The Childrens Hospital in Birmingham. I was in hospital for over three years, with the odd week at home now and then when they thought I was well enough. Most of my early childhood memories are from my time in hospital, although luckily I can’t remember feeling ill. It was touch and go for a while, with my poor Mum and Dad travelling to see me –  Dads shifts and money allowing, as often as possible. Thankfully, just as it was looking hopeless a new drug was ready to be launched from America. I was the first British person to receive it and was featured in the USA and UK medical journals at the time- I have since found them online! Back to the present…… I was just having a look at the Fiskarettes website and see that they are asking for handmade cards and decorations to sell at the hospital in the six week run up to Christmas. If anyone reading this can help by contributing, please follow the link above. The Children’s hospital is also where my son Gary had neurological surgery when he was four years old. He also would not be here if it wasn’t for the treatment that he received. As a family, we owe them so much.


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