Purry Pud


Today Pudding kept me company in in the cupboard. She wasn’t too impressed because the nasty rain meant that instead of sitting on her favourite chair outside, we made her stay inside. We had to trick her into coming in as she was sat out in the downpour earlier, a quick shake of the Go-cat box sorted that- she can waddle pretty swiftly when food is involved! So, in she came, soaking wet. We shut the door. Five minutes later I felt eyes boring into the back of my head, I turned slowly and there she was sat by the door…… asking to be let back out. We wouldn’t comply (pretty dangerous with a cat) so eventually she made do with the lovely soft, dry, fleece covered sofa- we are soooooo cruel! Richard decided to try and win her over with a big neck scratch, and judging by the supersonic purring, it worked. Phew!


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