Busy, busy, and busier still


 Hello and happy weekend. Lovely weather today, I’ve been sat in the conservatory working away on this special card. It’s a 21st birthday card for a badminton playing/ flautist/ sunshine seeker girl, so I’ve tried to include all of these things (as requested) and I’m reasonably pleased with it. This is just a little bit of it as it opens out to reveal more lovliness inside! I hope my customer likes it, obviously that’s the main thing. I have so many projects on the go at the moment I think I should give up work to cope with it all (some hope!). I started another rainbow scarf last night, as well as crocheting a couple of squares for my blanket. I still have to finish my willow pattern tapestry cushion, and get on with the little kitty that I’ve started…….. bit of a setback there though, the little pink noses that I ordered finally came….. and they are too big. What a nelly I am, should have checked the measurements. Doh!


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