Colour therapy!


I have finally coloured in some of the images that I stamped last week. Both of the designs are by Lilli of the Valley, I could spend a fortune buying their beautiful stamps. I use Promarkers to colour them in, and am getting a bit more confident now in using them, the trick is to just go for it and not ponder to much about colour choice or technique. For ideas on what colours to use take a look at their ‘ideas to inspire’ page, or Bev Rochesters ‘All the things I love’ blogspot. Bev makes some beautiful cards and always inspires me. There are also Promarker colouring tutorials on YouTube, of course, which are pretty helpful. My best Promarker tips are- use Blush for Caucasian skin tone, it is perfect, and put a thick piece of paper or a magazine under your colouring as the colours come through. Talking of tips….. Lilli of the valley sell their stamps unmounted to save postage costs, and they are rubber, not the silicone type that cling to acrylic blocks. I used to find this tricky because I would ink the stamp and put it on the paper and press down with my fingers or a block. This often didn’t go well and many of the images were useless. Then I was talking to a lady in the Range, who told me that you could stick the stamps to acrylic blocks with a glue stick (Pritt, for example), then simply peel them off and use the block with another stamp, then wash the glue off when you wash the stamps. Sure enough, it works! So a big thank you for that, I’m well pleased!


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