Cat royalty


Here is King Korky, reclining on his favourite cushion. Beautiful but deadly, killer of bats/ frogs/ birds/ butterflies. Yes, he is one naughty cat. But adorable, mostly!

Sorry for my rather lean postings over the past few days, I am just sooooooo tired after work at the moment. I have no oomph left and my brain is in a serious state of mushiness after 4pm (some would say that’s the case for most of the day). Oh dear, now Richard is trying to explain a Star Trek concept to me, I’m having problems sitting upright in the chair let alone understanding the Borg! I promise I will make it up to you lot at the weekend, I have some images to colour, and may even finish my technicolour scarf. Back to the sofa…… zzzzzzzzzzz.


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