Love the 70’s !


My cousin Gaynor kindly put this onto Facebook, such a blast from the past. I think I was ten at the time, I know I look younger but I was just tiny for my age, so was my cousin Andrew who is stood next to me. I think my Mum (on the right) persuaded us that the Osmonds wore hats like this, when in reality she just thought we would look cute (or we had been naughty and she was punishing us by making us look stupid). She always tried to make me wear awful things, she bought me a macintosh with a matching sou’wester and I dreaded it raining as she would make me wear it to school! And just look at my Gran, the Matrix has nothing on her. She was as scary as she looks here. Andrew is wearing the compulsory 70’s Parka coat and flares. I think coatwise,I was a little ahead of my time in a paisley patterned anorak and was wearing my platform (all one inch) soled shoes. I think we were in Weston-Super-Mare, on a day trip from Harris coaches. Happy days!


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