As you can see, this card was made especially for Hattie, who is 8, and LOVES cheerleading. I found this lovely little cheerleader image on Google images. I cut a section off the top front of the card, just to add a bit of interest. The letters are from the children’s craft section at The Range and are made from funky foam. The background is a pale pink spotty paper that was free in a magazine, and on the front I have used glitter paper (as requested by Hattie’s mum). I popped some sparkles on the cheerleaders hairband, necklace, and shoes, a number 8 on the pom-pom, and a little star on the other one. It’s well worth checking Google images for pictures, especially for personalised cards, even the most bizarre interests can have a range of useful photos or a cartoon or sketch that can be adapted. If you print out a few pics the same size you can even cut them to layer with sticky pads, giving a 3D effect.


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