It’s Thursday (pretty sure, but I’m at that stage in the holidays when I have lost any sense of time and routine) which means that it’s Yoga this evening. I have only being doing Yoga for a couple of months, and I really like it……. though not always when I am mid-class, and it hurts. I look forward to going, and I feel good afterwards, and I feel very virtuous that I do it. It is a small class run by Lulu, who is lovely and fairly easy-going on the whole ‘energy/ chakras type of thing, and funny. My main difficulty is making sure that I don’t make any little ‘parp’ noises, if you get my drift! As those that live and work with me will tell you, I little control in what happens there, it may have something to do with my being in my early (late….. very late) forties . Yes, I have inadvertedly created several comedy moments at work, although I am to busy cringing with embarrassment to appreciate the funniness and if I were Miranda I would be doing one of those despairing looks at the camera. Last time I went to Yoga, I think Lulu was trying to impress some new (seriously spiritual) members of the class, so the moves were like something from that Twister game, but without the alcohol. One of the moves was called the Pretzel, which summed it up very well. I managed to make my body into a knot that any sea scout would be proud of, it was quite dangerous when we were all untangling though, there were arms and legs flying everywhere. I was very impressed with myself as ‘down there’ was silent. Then, when we were relaxing near the end of the class, there was a rather loud, perfect bottom trumpet…… and I was thrilled, because it wasn’t me! It was one of the young, slim, serious, spiritual girls. I was so pleased that I wanted to shout “that wasn’t even me folks” to everyone, and especially to Di, my friend and aforementioned work colleague who was somewhere behind me. However, Di was ‘in the zone’ and didn’t even hear it.  As usual we ended the class with ‘three Oms’. I’m not good at ‘Omming’, I feel silly and self-consious, so I usually start my whispered Oms a second after Lulu and finish them a few seconds before. It worries me that I am missing out on some fantastic feeling of well-being by not ‘getting’ this Om bit of the class………. oh well, a bag of Doritos afterwards always helps!


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