Mod Podge……. the sequel!


Okay, well this is what I’ve come up with. Placed some mini diolies on the frame and coated them with Sparkly Mod Podge ( they have this in Hobbycraft now, for double the price that I got it for from Ebay…..YES!). I bought some little bronzie coloured butterfly charms from Wild Orchid so thought that might look alright, along with a seam binding bow. Now, I’ve made that sound very nonchalant, but in reality it took flipping ages and I may even have said some naughty words in the process! The tricky bit was using a pearl buckle embellishment to keep the bow together and to make it look good. And would you believe I’m not 100% happy with it. So I’ve sat it on my shelves and keep walking past it, and looking at it, and pulling a face. I just don’t know. I have another frame to do yet so I will have a think and try to come up with something better.


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