The Ninja!


Introducing Ninja, our fourth and final cat. This is a rare pic really, as Ninja is being held by Gary. Ninja normally runs away from Gary, in fact he runs up to him just so that he can enjoy the whole running away thing! Ninja spent the first six months of his life as ‘Lucy’. I don’t mean that he had a sex change, just that we thought that he was a she…….. derrrrrrrrr!! We took him to be ‘done’, and Hazel, the vet showed me that he was very male, the embarrassment! So, Lucy became Ninja (Richard’s choice, as he’s stealthy, like a ninja, apparently). I don’t know about that, but I do know that he is a right wuss, and runs away from his own shadow! He loves Richard, and tries to cuddle up on his shoulder like he did when he was a kitten, but now he’s a big solid tomcat and it just doesn’t work and he slides off. He follows Korky around when they are both outside, probably so that his big brother will protect him from the local bully – Henry, the bengal tiger cat from over the back, nasty piece of work!


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  1. I thought about the name Ninja because he is completely black-like a Ninja!

    He is such a sweet cat, not a single nasty streak… Bless…

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