This is a dodgy photo of Richard and me on the beach in Lyme Regis. We went in February and it was lovely just to get away for a couple of days on our own! We’re heading to Mum and Dad’s caravan for a few days tomorrow with the boys. Fingers crossed that the weather is at least dry. They boys love the pool and riding around on their bikes. As I work in a secondary school it is almost the end of relaxing, staying up late, lie-ins and days filled with making things…………I love my job, but it does get in the way of crafting. If only someone would pay me to create, how good would that be. So, no posts for a few days, don’t desert me though, I ‘ll be back (sound like Arnie now!).

PS: Just realised, I knitted the scarf that I am wearing in this photo. It’s in a thick ribbon yarn with a silver thread running through it, and its one of those cowl type scarfs that are sewn in a circle, and you can wrap it around like a cowl thing…….. am I making any sense here? Must make a couple more for this winter in some great colours, only take a couple of evenings as I used fat chunky needles. I’ll post some instructions in a few weeks.


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