This is Korky. We had Korky as a kitten, and he is a bit bi-polar to be honest! He swings from  “I love you, you are the best staff ever” to “I vant to be alone, sod off!” within seconds. He is also an evil killer. A few weeks ago he bought a live bat through the lounge window, luckily I wasn’t in (I love bats, but not flying around my home, funnily enough!). Richard and Gary saved it, much to Korky’s disgust. He often returns with blood around his chops, like some sort of feline vampire. He has brought us birds, frogs, butterflies, so kind! His other hobby is sitting in ridiculous places or on anything that is reasonably flattish. Ignoring our chuckles, as he is obviously uber-cool and we are plebs. Yes King Korky, we know our place!


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