This is our latest edition to the family. She has been with us for about a month now, which makes our total number of cats four. I dragged Richard along to the Cats Protection League rehoming day at the local vets, and we offered to take this gorgeous girl because she is blind and deaf and had been with them for a while as people are reluctant to take her in. She was found wandering the streets at Christmas and was in a very bad way physically, I just can’t imagine how she must have felt, not being able to see or hear and being freezing cold in the snow. Plus she’s getting on a bit. So we are spoiling her like mad, and she is no trouble at all. She has taken over a little spot in the lounge and we have put her food and litter near her. She sleeps most of the day, but likes to have a wander around, hisses when she comes across the other cats and dog (they now keep out of her way!). She likes to wander in the garden, our garden is about ten metres in all and fenced so suits her just fine. One day she managed to get under the decking, Jake wandered innocently onto the decking and was very puzzled when he heard a cat hissing at him but couldn’t see it. He was stood directly above her and her finely-tuned sense of smell caught a waft of eau de dog. She adores a fuss, as long as she can sniff you first. We called her Bump……….. because she bumps into things, bless her!


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