Introducing Pudding, our incredibly large (translates as fat) cat. May I add that she is a rescue cat, and was huge when we got her. As you can see, I have trained her in the art of disguising bulky bits, in this case she is using a lovely pot of marigolds to disguise her ‘curves’. We are feeding her cat ‘fat-fighters’ food, but I think that she must be finishing off the food of our other 3 cats when we are distracted. She looks at us with ill-concealed disdain when we roll a ball at her, or drag a peice of string to try and engage her in cat-aerobics. And she has long since worked out that the spot of light moving around on the floor is just us pressing the laser torch button. So, if you live in Tewkesbury, and feel a slight tremor, it is just Pudding jumping down off the bed………. most likely to waddle to her food bowl.


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