Hello there!

As someone who loves to have a nosie at other peoples craftie blogs, I thought I would start my own. My life is choccabloc with work, pets, kids, and my therapy is crafting. I make cards, I crochet, knit, sew, and would do an awful lot more if there were more hours in a day. I am inspired by many things, including some very clever ladies who show their gorgeous creations on-line. They seem to effortlessly not only make beautiful things, but manage to download, put in hyperlinks, enter challenges, all sorts of clever techie things……. which I intend to get my head around and do, eventually, with the help of my technical support (Richard- long suffering genius man-in-my-life, and Gary- my uber clever son). Anyway, below is a pic of my craft room. As you can see it is a cupboard, full of lovely paper, sparkles, buttons and all of the other essential paraphernalia for me to play with when I need to escape!

Ahhhhhh bliss!


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